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The golden threads are one of the latest non-surgical cosmetic techniques used in beautifying, tightening and treating sagging facial skin.They are gold – coated polydioxanone medical threads, with a thickness of no more than 0,1 mm, that are inserted under the superficial skin layer in a non – surgical procedure that does not take time, and as a result, the shape of the facial skin is renewed and tightened.

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How is the process of golden threads performed at SKN PREMIUM?

  • The operation is carried out under the supervision of our cosmetic expert through simple local anesthesia, after the areas to be tightened are identified.
  • The golden threads are passed under the skin through the superficial lipid layer of the face.
  • The threads stimulate the production of fibers and collagen in response to the presence of a new substance, which results in an improved blood flow, and an access to the epidermal layer and the construction of new tissues.
  • The threads keep the skin tight and remove all sagging and minor wrinkle lines on the face and keep it in a beautiful youthful position for a long time after the procedure.

Frequently asked questions about the golden threads process:

What are the benefits and results of the golden threads ?
  • Golden threads give the skin freshness and vitality.
  • The area of ​​the mouth, chin, forehead and nose is tightened in a safe way, which gives the skin a natural beauty and attractiveness.
  • It is used to lift and reduce the tip of the nose without resorting to cosmetic surgery.
  • Also used to reshape the ear as a safe medical alternative to laser or various cosmetic surgeries in this area.
  • Threading does not require a recovery time or to stay in hospital.
  • The most important advantage is that the face lift is performed without surgery, does not leave scars and does not cause swelling of the face.
How long does this process take ?

The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes to be performed under local anesthesia. While the process of complete decomposition of the threads takes about 6 months. However, during this period the body secretes a level of collagen and elastic fibers around the threads, in a process that takes 12 to 16 months.

When do the results of tightening with golden threads appear?

30% of the results of a face lift with golden threads are visible in the first few days, while its effectiveness becomes clear after four months of the stability of the tightening threads in their places.

What are the steps to be followed after the golden threads process ?
    1. Avoid pressure on your face.
    2. Avoid using makeup products for 3 days.
    3.  Avoid hot drinks.

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